Casein hydrolysis test

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Test for protein Emits on ignition a characteristic and disagreeable odour, and leaves a residue which is alkaline to litmus Biuret reaction Dissolve 0.1 g in 10 ml of sodium hydroxide TS, add 1 drop of cupric sulfate TS, and shake. A blue precipitate is formed, and a violet colour is produced Isoelectric point precipitation

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-Casein Test-Maltose Test. Alt 5 under the microscope showed a red color indicating that it is a gram negative bacterium. The shaped of this bacterium was rounded and ball shaped. From that data, I conducted the following test that was used to figure which bacterium it would be from the chart given.

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The degradation of casein by lactococci yields peptides and amino acids that are the sources of essential and growth-stimulating amino acids for Lactococcus lactis (Thomas and Pritchard 1987; Chopin 1993). In addition to being an important nutritional source for the starter culture bacteria, the casein degradation products also play a crucial ...

The hydrolyzed whey protein 520 possess the highest AN/TN manufactured today. Thus the hydro 520 contains the greatest amount of peptides of any powder. The product also possess the lowest molecular weight average of any protein, with a MW of 520 Daltons. The product is a fine cream powder. Taste is very bitter due to the high degree of hydrolysis. Catalase test. Take about 4-5 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a test tube. With the help of inoculating tube, take a little amount of 24 hours culture of test organism and dip it in the test tube. Then keep this test tube in a dark background and see if there is any bubble formation in the tip of inoculation tube.