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Both PMM 2.11.1 and PMM 2.12.0 were set up in the same way, with client instances running the exact same load, and to monitor the difference in performance, we used the default metrics mode for 2.12.0 for this observation. Sample Ingestion rate for the load was around 96.1k samples/sec, with around 8.5 billion samples received in 24 hours.

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• HAProxy in multi-process mode (nbproc >1). If the frontend is in TCP mode the number will be always 0 and stot metric should be used to retrieve the number of TCP requests processsed.In the initialisation mode, we can perform DNS solves, but we cannot perform socket I/O. In this initialisation mode, HAProxy still blocked during the execution of the Lua program.

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struct curl_slist *source_prequote; /* in 3rd party transfer mode - before: 1638: the transfer on source host */ 1639: struct curl_slist *source_postquote; /* in 3rd party transfer mode - after: 1640: the transfer on source host */ 1641: struct curl_slist *telnet_options; /* linked list of telnet options */ 1642

group haproxy. defaults. log global. mode http. After HAProxy starts, point a browser to the IP address of the host running HAProxy.Dec 16, 2018 · Highly Available NFS Server with Pacemaker & DRBD Highly Available NFS Server with Pacemaker & DRBD. Dec 16, 2018. Although containers provide a lot of flexibility, managing the state is not a problem with straight-forward solution on a distributed system. You must disable selinux or change it to Permissive mode on all the cluster nodes. This is required to allow containers to access the host filesystem, which is needed by pod networks. You have to do this until SELinux support is improved in the kubelet. [[email protected] ~]# setenforce 0. Check the status of SELinux