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Aug 28, 2014 · Notes – GPB Video #104- Metric Conversions + Metric Conversions Worksheet 1, notes on the scientific method and math review. If you are in 2nd and 3rd periods, you must also have the lab equipment sheet as well. Classwork – the Mythbusters worksheet (Scientific Method), your PB & J sandwich procedure, and the math review

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Mar 20, 2020 · The science television show MythBusters did a similar experiment and concluded that plants reacted well to any type of music, whether rock, country, jazz, or classical. Their experiments however, were not thoroughly conducted and are highly debatable.

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Student Worksheet The main premise behind the scientific method is that any phenomenon in nature can be explained given enough research, observation, and experimentation. This episode of Mythbusters provides a great example of the scientific method in action to answer the question of whether one gets wetter by walking or running through a ...

Students received results from the Scientific Method ICA. Students that received below a 80% (C), received a "Think it Over" opportunity. This allows students an opportunity to look back over the material they were quizzed on, complete an assignment that focuses on these skills and submit it to earn back partial points.